Original And Meaning Of Mother’s Day

Original And Meaning Of Mothers Day 3

Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors the mother in the family, the bond of the mother, and the influence of the mother in society. This day will be an opportunity for children to express their gratitude, and send loving wishes and gifts to their respected mothers. So, when does Mother’s Day start? Learn about the origin and meaning of Mother’s Day with Lee&Tee in this article.

Mother’s Day Origins

Mother’s Day has its origins in Greek and Roman times. The Mother’s Gratitude Festival is held annually in the spring and at that time the Greeks often sacrificed to the goddesses, especially the god Rhea – the mother of many gods in Greek mythology.
However, according to another document, the origin of Mother’s Day is recorded as follows: Ancient Romans held the Hilaria spring festival in memory of their mother Cybele on March 15. However, this festival. expensive, and lasted three days including parades, games, and masquerade balls, the festival ended shortly thereafter.
There is also another document confirming that: History of Mother’s Day is found in England around 1600. This day is celebrated every year, 40 days before Easter to honor mothers. On Mother’s Day, children, and workers, far from home are encouraged to bring flowers, and fruit cakes to give and thank their mothers. However, this custom was forgotten by the 19th century.

Original And Meaning Of Mothers Day.
Original And Meaning Of Mothers Day.

After a long time of neglect, Mother’s Day was initiated in the United States by two women, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis and her daughter, Anna Marie Jarvis.
100 year ago, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis – a woman in West Virginia, USA founded a group called “Mother’s Day” with the desire to reconnect the family feels that had been divided by civil war.
After forming the group, she wanted to organize a special day every year to remember the memories of her mother. But unfortunately, she died before making this wish come true. Anna Jarvis – daughter of Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis then became involved in the fight to ask the US Senate to organize Mother’s Day nationwide. to fulfill her mother’s wish. After much effort, she organized the first “Mother’s Day” celebration at Andrew’s Methodist Church in 1908.
Along with Anna Jarvis’ private celebration, families gathered at many of the event sites in Jarvis’ hometown of Grafton, West Virginia, and many other cities. By 1911, Mother’s Day was celebrated in most states of the United States of America. And on May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution designating the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

What Is Mother’s Day?

According to the tradition of the United States and most countries in the world today, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. Accordingly, Mother’s Day in 2022 falls on May 8th.

Mother’s Day Meaning

Mother’s Day is well-received by everyone because it is also an opportunity to honor the great merits and contributions of mothers to their families and society as a whole. Mother’s Day is also the day when children who go to work abroad return or remember their mother, expressing their most loving, respectful, and grateful feelings to their mother. They will give their mothers gifts, bouquets of fresh flowers; It can also be a beautiful cake, hand-made cards with meaningful Mother’s Day wishes written on them, etc. to express gratitude for the silent sacrifices of a mother.

Original And Meaning Of Mothers Day 1
Original And Meaning Of Mothers Day

In each country, Mother’s Day is expressed in different ways but still means honoring and expressing gratitude to the great mother.
In countries around the world, especially America, on Mother’s Day, they often invite their mother to dinner because they don’t want her to have to cook or work hard on this special day. Besides, small children choose to show their love by having breakfast in bed prepared by themselves. In addition, on Mother’s Day, they use Carnations as symbolic images, which will usually be red or pink. Along with white carnations will be placed on the graves of deceased mothers…
With the cultural interference and the development of society, Mother’s Day in Vietnam, in addition to carnations, the children also give the mother more meaningful and unique gifts. Do you know what gift to give your mother yet? Here are some suggestions that Lee&Tee want to send to you, please refer.

What To Give Mother’s Day?

Original And Meaning Of Mothers Day 2
Original And Meaning Of Mothers Day

Unique and meaningful gifts for mothers, bringing both material and spiritual values. Some people on this day will do all the housework for the mother to rest, prepare a hearty meal to entertain the family, or simply help her pick vegetables, wash dishes, etc., gifts such as leather handbags, purses, or fashion items are equally meaningful.
Embarrassing words and wishes can be expressed through engraved lines, you can confess your thoughts and feelings to your mother. Lee&Tee can help you with that. “I love you”, “Thank you for your silent sacrifices for the family”,… So meaningful and touching.

Mother, who has sacrificed her whole life to care for and raise her children to grow up and become human. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express gratitude to your mother for raising and taking care of you. Mother can give the best of us, and we should also give what is meaningful to her. Choose gifts and best wishes for your birthright now.

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